Let’s move ahead


Let’s move ahead

Hello, I am Binita D.C. from Nepalgunj, Nepal. I don’t have parents in my family, so I live with my aunt, uncle and siblings. I am currently studying in the second semester of Diploma in Computer Engineering in ‘Dhaulagiri Deaf Residential School’, Baglung. I was hearing but at the age of 14, I lost my hearing after my ear-surgery failed. Even though my family is poor, they always love and support me and so I have reached up to here. After finishing my studies, I want to have a good career in the future and if opportunity provided, I also want to help in the field of deafness and disability.

When I became deaf, I had a lot of problems, especially with friends and outsiders, so I could not speak my mind with confidence. But even though I’m deaf, I want to work hand in hand in the future with all those hearing people in the field of engineering. I have set a goal to become a computer engineer and I am doing my best to complete my study. And in the course of my studies, I have decided to move forward by solving my problems by speaking my mind.

At first, I was not confident that I would be able to study engineering, but I started it anyway. And since there are teachers as well as interpreters in the classes at my college, it got a lot easier for me. In addition, the help from my teachers and friends made my path more smooth.

In fact, success is not something that people can achieve at once, but only by trying again and again. So, no matter what your weaknesses are, you should try to move forward by understanding what & how you are. At first I also thought I was too weak to do anything but later I got encouragement, inspiration and courage from parents and teachers which gave me the courage to believe that I can do even if I am deaf.

There are many brothers and sisters like me here in my college and they are also moving forward towards their goal. From my short story, I would like to say to all the deaf and disabled people that we must be determined & strive to move forward with confidence, no matter what our disability is. Because if you try, one day surely you will succeed

Please don’t think that you are incapable just because of your ear problem but move ahead believing your capability. And also, please don’t underestimate your potential and always try not to give up. That’s all I want to say, thank you.

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