What is DEAF SHIRU? en

Build a world where everyone smiles together regardless of their hearing-level.

We aim to achieve a world where everyone smiles together regardless of hearing. 

The best way to do this is to know and be aware of hearing loss, communicate with people with it, and take actions for issues they face.

We collect real stories including experiences, thoughts, and desires of them from Japan, Nepal, and other countries and share them in Japanese, English and Nepali language (also in both Nepali and Japanese Sign Language) In addition, we regularly hold workshops in which they and readers can directly interact. And we hope this will result in better mutual understanding.

In the meantime, we also have been trying to tackle a problem: lack of job opportunities among the deaf community in Nepal, our partner country. We ask the deaf Nepalese to co-operate and make the best use of their specialty in order to achieve our goal. In return, we will also pay so that it’ll be like a job opportunity to them.

・DEAF= Deafness & Hard of Hearing
・SHIRU = To know

As the saying goes, “Rome was not built in a day”, I think our ideal world cannot be realized in a day too. That’s why, a number of people and organizations, interested in the hearing-related field, are working hard to make changes in the present world little by little. We, DEAF SHIRU, believe we can contribute to the first step toward a world where everyone smiles together regardless of their hearing level by getting people to know more about deafness and hard of hearing. How well people hear varies depending on each person; therefore, it is worth providing true stories of them.

Project & Vision

Build a world where everyone smiles together regardless of their hearing-level.

Being in the common society everyone must have considered about differences or novelty of some other person to some extent. However, at times, when you unexpectedly meet someone different from yourself, you might laugh it off right away with the person through some fun or new talks. To tell you the truth, regarding hearing-loss, many people are ignorant. In other words, it can be said that there are many opportunities for them to know something new. Through this project, everyone can smile through exciting encounters that connect people with varying circumstances. Thus, our vision is to be a bridge that can contribute to this experience.


Provide real hearing-related stories to you.

  • Deliver true stories of deaf and hard of hearing people.
  • Provide opportunities to share their thoughts and experiences.

To create such opportunities, we offer two resources: people and places.

  • People = our team members who are good at various languages will help you.
  • Place = we provide a place to share your stories such as a website and workshops.


Enjoy differences and novelty.

Any difference and novelty is indeed a valuable opportunity to let us excitingly grow in the field of experience. We accept everyone’s opinions & thoughts respecting their values and would like to express our sincere gratitude to those who cooperate with us. We will keep raising awareness about hearing-loss to create an ideal world.

  • Acceptance: We don’t deny any difference or novelty because we respect each other.
  • Bond: We welcome all kinds of encounters and build healthy & friendly relationships.
  • Challenge: We aren’t afraid of challenges or changes but keep encouraging to struggle by confronting them.