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How much sound do you hear throughout your day?

You might wake up to an alarm clock, your family might call your name, and you might listen to music on your way to work or school. However, do you know of a  “world” that is different from a world full of sounds? We at DEAF SHIRU are creating a picture book to help you learn more about the world of silence and muted sounds.

This picture book is for elementary school students and above. We aim to give an opportunity to think about communication tools other than “voices” and create a chance to feel close to those who have hearing disabilities.

In addition, we are also making a textbook that is linked to the picture book for it to be used in an educational setting. We create content that gives an opportunity to elementary school students and those around them to know more about hearing disabilities.

We are in need of money to make this picture book. As a fledgling project group, our project can only be realized through your help. Through this project, we aim to improve the reliability and recognition of DEAF SHIRU, and look for a plan that will allow us to continue to operate the project. We would love to have you on board in realizing this project, and we would appreciate it if you could lend us your support. Let’s create a society where everyone can share laughter regardless of their hearing levels together!(Representative: Shuhei Kumagai)

Please send us money through PayPal using this link!



To those who donate $50 (USD) we will send you an original postcard to your door.
This postcard will be sent internationally.

To those who donate $100(USD), we will send you a PDF copy of the picture book. 

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