Aruna Chhantyal


Aruna Chhantyal🇳🇵
Hobbies: reading, writing, translating

Namaste, I’m Aruna Chhantyal from Kathmandu, Nepal. Here is my self-introduction;

First of all, let me tell about my disability as ‘DEAF-SHIRU’ is also disability-related. On this context, I can say I’m an all-rounder. By all-rounder, I don’t mean a cricketer but a person with multiple disabilities, all partial though. Firstly, I understand the pain of the blind because my eyes are very weak and I can see well only through powerful glasses. Secondly, I also understand the pain of paraplegics because I suffer from muscular dystrophy and use a wheelchair for mobility. Lastly, I also understand the pain of the deaf because I myself suffer from partial deafness but unable to use a hearing-aid.

My eyes, ears, hands & legs all started weakening since my school days. I was one of the top students, so I struggled for higher education despite my disabilities. Back then, I wasn’t wheelchair-bound but I could walk clumsily to the college holding my dad’s hand. I intended to complete my Bachelors level by self-study at home and going out only for exams but on the last day of my second year’s exam, I got too bad a cramp on my weak ankle due to which I was bed-ridden for a whole week. That incident made me desperate and I reluctantly put the full-stop on my higher-education.

Back then, I had very bad inferiority complex and was always desperate, sad and would often cry like a baby. But after I got to visit a disable’s home and saw many people who were suffering even more severely than me but were all smiling, my own gloomy attitude disappeared. I accepted my disabilities and began thinking I can also do something despite my disabilities. As a result, I became engrossed in self-study & writing and successfully published my own books on Amazon and today I’m known more or less as a writer. Today, I admit it was my folly to think myself alone and incapable of doing anything.

I came to know brother Shuhei through Youtube & Facebook. He noticed my English capability and so, I’m here working in translation together with him for our mutual goals. I had always been looking for opportunities to work in disable-related field but hadn’t gotten any due to my multiple disabilities but knowing brother Shuhei has given me new hope and new delight. I’ll continue doing my best to assist to move ahead our DEAF-SHIRU.
Thank you!