Furuya Yusuke


Furuya Yusuke🇯🇵🇳🇵
Hobbies: Workout, Rugby, Camera, Reading

Hello I’m from Fujisawa in Kanagawa, Japan. I majored in Education at university and worked at a public deaf school after graduation, which was when I first encountered those who use Japanese sign language (JSL). It took a while for me to be able to communicate in JSL. But unfortunately, since I wasn’t a regular worker, I had to leave the school after one year.

After that, I visited Nepal. It was in 2017 where one day in Kathmandu, I went to see a judo tournament and met deaf and hard of hearing children sitting next to my seat. They were having a conversation using Nepali sign language. It was totally different from JSL so, I couldn’t understand and talk either. I found an interpreter there and asked her where I can study NSL and went to the school she suggested for six months.

My experience of teaching at a Japanese deaf school in the past has inspired me to work for the Nepali deaf community. Since I love reading and writing, I work as a writer and editor as well as a photographer at DEAF-SHIRU.